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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 8, 2011 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news this america this morning. hostage situatatn. an eight-hour standoff with police comes to an end when the suspect takes his own life but not until after allegedly killing seven others. then end of the world, so to speak. after being embroiled in a shocking scandal. one of britain's oldest papers is shutting down. the historic shuttle program set to end today. "atlantis" by the numbers. good friday morning. people in grand rapids, michigan, are trying to make sense of a tragedy this morning. a gunman is accused of seven people including his own children.
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>> it ended when the suspect lled himself. john hendren has more details. >> reporter: good morning. after several shootings police had hope the standoff without another death. the gunman went from talking surrender to asking polole to shoot him. in the end he shot himself. the deadly shooting rampage, a police standoff and a high speed chase put a city on edge. seven people were shot and killed. then the suspect got himself in the middle of a tragic drama in grand rapids. >> our negotiators were talking to him, trying to give him instructions as to how he could go about turning himself in and surrender. but we heard a gunshot and turned out to be self-inflicted. >> reporter: roderick shonte dantzler led police on a high-speed chase. four were found dead in one home. three were killed in another house in another neighborhood. two victims were children.
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>> we believe one was his daughter. one was an ex-girlfriend. the other one was an ex-girlfriend. >> reporter: the ordeal began when he opened fire in two grand rapids homes late thursday afternoon. as local and michigan state police gathered evidence neighbors and eyewitnesses expressed their shock. >> two families just -- >> gone. >> torn apart. all in the blink of an eye. one person could do this to someone is terrible. >> reporter: they believe they were related incidents. he was released from prison in 2005. he had a long record, policic say. daniel and peggy. >> john, is it clear yet what the motive was for these shootings? >> reporter: police say it's not clear. there was obviously a domestic incident there. his ex-girlfriend and child or children were killed there. he shot a woman during a shootout with police officers and at one point there was a road rage incident in which a man was shot through the
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shoulder apparently between these incidents, so police say this seems to have been a man unhinged. >> absolutely. at least folks relieve it had came to an end. john, thank you very much. moving on now with both sides still pretty far apart, president obama has summoned democratic and republican lawmakers back to the white house on sunday to work on the debt deal. >> the president met with the top leaders for an hour and a half with no apparent progress. republicans opposed tax increases, democrats against cuts in social security. >> they voted to bar military aid to rebels battling moammar gadhafi. >> they stopped short of prohib tilting funds for a nato led deal. >> anthony arrived in short smilingly and seemingly relaxed until the judge imposed the maximum sentence. >> law enforcement expended a
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great dealal of timeme energy a manpower. i will sentence you to one year in the orange county jail imposing a $1,000 fine on each count, all fouou counts to run consecutive to each other. >> reporter: but after the judge and corrections officers calculated time served and credit for good behavior the result is there. she will be free one week from sunday on july 17th. anthony's legal troubles are far from over, though. she may be facing at least two civil lawsuits in connection with her daughter's death. the state of texas has executed a mexican citizen correct convicted of raping and murdering a girl. humberto leal accepted responsibility for his crime but leal's l lyers along with the
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white house and the mexican government fought to the end for a stay of execution. they argued that his case deserved further review because authorities didn't tell him he could seek legal help from the mexican government. a top senator is demanding to know why a justice department employee who spent hours watching porn online was not chargegewith a crime. according to an internal investigation the employee admitted he routinely viewed porn during regular working hours. that included a at least one ime of children. the private security compapa that turned the u.s. embassy in kabul into an extreme version of "animal house" agreed to reimburse the u.s. for its conduct. armorgroup had a nearly $200 million to protect the embassy until photos showed them in wild drunken parties. it lost the contract and they agreed to payay a fine. san francisco police cracked the case of the stolen picasso drawing and say mark lugo pulled off the heist on tuesday walking
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into a gallery, snatching t t drawing and fleeing in a cab. with help from surveillance video and the cab driver's apostle i.d. they found lugo in napa with the drawing intact but stripped of its frame. >> hard to pick off a picasso. fairly recognizable. space shuttle "atlantis" is fueling up ahead of its time flight but bad weather could keep it on the ground. >> it got the all clear after lightning struck 500 feet from the launchpad yesterday. more heavy thunderstorms are expected today and that could force nasa to scrub the liftoff. it will bring the shuttle program to an end, a bittersweet day >> that's a perfect word. we do heap it goes well. we'll keep you posted. taking a look at this morning's weather from all around the country not just florida looking at heavy rain, hail, high winds from the mid-atlantic to the carolinas. kentucky and tennessee, such of the same for the dakotas and northern rockies. showers and thunderstorms in the four corners region. vegas and southern california,
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scattered showers in the upper midwest and northeast. >> comfortable 83 in new york. 75 in boston and 90s from baltimore to new orleans. mostly 80s from detroit to fargo. dallas heats up to 103 and phoenix tops that at 108. 92 in sacramento and 83 in boise. >> coming up, how the world markets are reacting to the high expectations of today's monthly jobs report. and it might be only the start of summertime but back-to-school sales are already in full swings. why stores are offering up sales now.
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overseas markets are higher this morning following a wall street rally 135shged by good news on retail sales and jobs. tokyo's nikkei average was up more than 66. hong kong's hang seng rose 194. in london the ftse opened higher too. on wall street the dow gained 93 and the nasdaq index up almost 39. the administration is taking stops to cut the number of foreclosures. it's extending the period for some unemployed homeowners during which they can miss their mortgage payments. the previous three to four months wasn't long enough to find a new job. big pickup trucks respect selling. there's concern that could lead to price wars and lower profits. the biggest backlog is gm full size pickup trucks and gmc sierra. >> that is not a problem for the toyota prius.
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the automaker expects this year's sales to beat last year's despite the natural disasters that cut production. the increase of the prius sales was fueled by high gas pricic. back to school sales are starting early. sorry, kids. one reason is that stores are nervous about consumer spending despite yesterday's good retail spending numbers. last year consumers spent more than $55 million on back-to-school shopping. >> the brand-new pencil keeper. the shocking report on obesity rates across the country. here we go again, all the abdomen shots. why this is an alarming epidemic. while being embroiled in a scandal rupert murdoch's world is crumbling around him.
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through the city yesterday flooding streets, stranding drivers and knocking out power thousands of people. flights wewe also delayed. 2 inches of rain fell in less than two hours. >> pretty amazing. as the morning commute gets under way it drenches i-25 from denver to cheyenne and i-15 from l.a. to salt lake city and wet on 94 from fargo to chicago. i-64 from charleston, west virginia to louisville, i-80 on new york to pennsylvania. airport delays possible in new york, philly, d.v., denver and charlotte all over the map. here now a story that's sure to ruin the weekend. a new study confirms most of us know this, americans are getting fatter and fatter. a dozen states topped 30%. >> among the consequence, soaring rate of diabetes, in 1995, four state has a diabetes rate over 6%. now 43 states have rates over 7%. all right. not good. a new book due out next week
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suggests that barack obama sr. discussed putting his son up for adoption. >> sally jacobs uncovered a memo in the honolulu office of the ins. the mother was making arrangements with the salvation army to give the baby away. president obama has said he's absolutely convinced that did not happen. all right. well, overseas, arrests are expected today in london as the hacking scandal involving a british tabloid escalates. >> the former "news of the world" editor is accused of paying police for information. this follows the announcement it will cease publication this sunday. jeffrey kofman reports from london. >> reporter: "news of the world," for years the biggest english language newspaper in the world is dead. a desperate move by the world's biggest tycoon to contain a scandal that has stained his entire global empire. >> nothing to say at this stage. >> reporter: rupert murdoch was
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in sun valley, idaho, where he was tight-lipped. >> i'm not making any comments. >> reporter: that was left to his son andheir. >> we now know that the practicecethat are being discussed that we're talking about here were such that we've fundamentally breached a trust with our readers. >> reporter: nothing, it seems, would stop "news of the world" pursuit of a headline. they were riveted by the story of milly dowler who vanished. the paper listened to her voice mail deleting old ones to make room for new ones that gave her parents and police hope that she was alive. false hope. she was later found murdered. >> appalling. absolutely appalling. >> it's outrageous. it really iss outrageous. >> reporter: and there's more. six years ago terrorist bombings in london killed 52 people. on this anniversary, grieving families learned the newspaper hacked their cell phones
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trolling for intimate details. one of those belonged to graham folks who lost his son. >> it's a violation, isn't it? i still don't know what i think about it other than i'm really angry, really angry. >> reporter: it gets worse. allegations that the paper hacked voice mails of the families of british soldiers killed in iraq and afghanistan. paul mcmullen was a reporter and editor at "news of the world." >> it was certainly a really commonplace practice. >> reporter: this scandal reaches beyond the murdoch empire revealing that london police were selling the paper's scoops in exchangee for bribes. there are even allegations that the prime minister, a close friend of murdoch turned a blind eye even though he knew what was going on. >> while the chief engineer of the world's largest sea bridge opened in china and insisting it is safe he is denying accusations that construction was rushed so that the bridge could be open in time for the
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communist party's 90th anniversary. medial reports found incomplete crash barriers and loose nuts on guardrails. to diane sawyer's exclusive interview with jaycee dugard who endured the unimaginable and emerged with powerful lessons on love and life. in her own words. >> this is how she looked the last time we saw her, a little girl with a name out of a storybook, jaycee lee dugard, 11, who loveded her mom. her little sister. >> thank you. >> reporter: and a cat named monkey. a fifth grader who set out for the school bus where she was kidnapped by a convicted sex predator, phillip garrido, who randcuffed her, raped her, imprisoned her and she gave birth twice in a deranged backyard. for 18 years she was never allowed to say her name. on the day her first child is
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born, she is alone in her backyard prison. so august 18th, 1994 you're how old? >> 14. >> you're in labor and there's nobody there having a baby in a backyard. >> yep, i did. very painful, but then i saw her. she was beautiful. i felt like i wasn't alone anymore. >> i'm trying tomagine how you are coping. i'm trying to imagine. >> i don't know. i can't imagine being beaten to death, you know. but -- and you can't imagine
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being kidnapped and ped, you know, so it's just -- you just do what you have to do to survive. >> one very tough story to another. now a texas rangers fan is dead after faulk while trying to catch a ball tossed into the stands by a player. the man caught the ball but lost his balance as another fan tried to save him. the victim's young son witnessed the accident. this is the second fatal fall at a major league baseball park this season. >> all right. let's lighten the mood. a michigan woman wiped out the competition at a toilet paper wedding dress competition. >> they were made of 4 to 20 rolls of toilet paper. there was plenty of hot glue, however, the dresses were judged on creativity, originality, beauty and the winner to come, a thousand bucks. pretty good with that. >> can you spare a square? >> or a ply. hopefully it doesn't rain on the
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world" will not being published after this sunday. the june jobs report is expected out showing t ty added more than 110,000 positions and unemployment will likely hold steady at 9.1%. president obama and top house democrat nancy pelosi meet at the white house. one issue likely to come up behind closed doors is whether cuts in medicaid and social security should be part of the deal to cut the budget. the newlyweds willl touch down n american soil. a day after donning cowboy hats at a rodeo, they are set to visit a zoo and meet homeless youth before arriving in los angeles. lots of paparazzi around. >> different day, different outfit. all excited about the shuttle "atlantis" possibly going up today. a lot of miles on that shuttle and a lot of stories it could tell. >> hopefully it will go without a hitch and good weather. looking stunning. >> for some of you your local news is next. everybody else, back with
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banana boat. we'vegot you covered. and finally as we mentioned earlier space shuttle "atlantis" is just hours away from possibly blasting off for the very last time.
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>> as we've been saying, bittersweet and it will wrap up the three-decade-old program but the weather may not cooperate. thunderstorms battered the area yesterday sending a lightning bolt close to the pad and more thunderstorms are on tap for today. >> well, as we wrap up our broadcast with a look back at the shuttle's three-deck-old program. >> stephanie sy breaks it down by the numbers. >> zero and liftoff. >> reporter: it takes an astounding 3.5 million gallons of fuel at liftoff to propel "atlantis" oututf the earth's atmosphere. to put that in perspective if you had to fill it at your local gas station it will run you a cool $12.3 million. in fact, road tripping on board isn't cheap. it cost $450,000,000 to launch a space shuttle. combine this with the fact that it comes off the lot with a $1.7 billion sticker price and you've got a very expensive
4:29 am
extraterrestrial jaunt. however, if you can handle the stickekeshot, the ride up there is pretty amazing. in fact, when "atlantis" is in orbit it travels around the earth at 17,500 miles an hour. to see a sunrise or sunset every 45 minutes. in fact, "atlantis" has orbited the earth a dizzying 4,648 tons and at 30 years of service in space, all of this time in the sky amounts to an amazing 293 days, 18 hours and 29 minutes and 37 seconds high above the earth. >> range is 104%. >> that fueling process, adding the liquid hydrogen and -- >> these are milestones which could indicate a positive day for a positive liftoff. >> sitting on the launchpad. live shot, shuttle "atlantis." gorgeous. >> really exciting to see this happen and bittersweet. we all learned a lot and gained a lot fr


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